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love hurts--i hope you know that the girl you made out with yesterday,was my best friend--love hurts

i guess you know it because today you couldn't even look at me

hopefully you know, how much that hurts me

hopefully you know that i can't stop crying because of you


i always fall for the assholes...  but everytime you smile at me my heart melts and just one more kiss and i guess you know that i'm YOURS.


endlessly i said

11.2.07 23:49

all your friends will betray you sometime, i have nobody left to trust

all alone being alone you start to think and your brain starts to hurt because of all of this thinking .... what would happen if you ''leave''....would your ''friends'' .. would they be sad ???


12.2.07 00:04

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12.2.07 21:27

I'm sitting here thinking about what
you've done,
As I hold this
This is all your fault,
For the pain you caused me that you don't care
I wish you could see,
The hurt and torture you caused me.
We were suppose to be together,
But me dying seems better.
I'm tired of the tears that fall from my eyes when I cry,
All I want to do is die.

It wouldn't be hard dying, because my soul already has,
I wish we could be happy like we were in the
I hate looking in the mirror
I hate what I see,
Because the person looking back is me.
My eyes look so cold,
And I'm still trying to hold
On to you.

The only escape I had to get away from you were the slashes on my skin,
Where I drove a knife in.
The blood that fell to the floor,
helped me live a little bit more.

But though wounds are much older,
and soon my life will be over.
And I won't have to cry,
because I'll be able to die.


I can't take this pain anymore,
A thousand demons torture my soul.
I'm reaching out for love,
but only gaining hate.
I'm stuck in your pain.

Stop my from breathing,
Stop my hearts beating.
All I want to do,
is get away from you.
Set my soul free.
I'm suffering.

The bruises that you left on my skin,
Is the proof of the trouble I'm in.
Everyone can see,
the torture that you cause me.

Seems to be my only escape from this pain,
is to slit my wrist and watch them bleed.
And if that’s what I have to do,
I will just to get away from you.

Because all I want to do,
is get away from you.
Set my soul free.
I'm suffering.


Was I...
to loud or to quiet?
Was I...
to shy or to pathetic?
Was I...
to calm or to wild?
Well I will never know
because I couldn't take
the silence
so please come to my grave
and tell me the answers


You dumped me
For her
Now I sit
Here wondering
Why her and why me
I cry when I see
You guys together
I can't take it anymore
So I go into the bathroom
With a picture of you
And I get the knife and I cute away
So now I lay here waiting to die
And now that I am dead
So now have fun with your new girl


Will you notice me if I....
hung myself in the tree outside of your house?

Will you notice me if I...
died in front of your feet?

Will you notice me if I...
take my last breathe in front of you?

Well I guess you didn't because I hung myself. As I took my last breath in front of you and cut the rope, I fell…I fell at your feet. And all you did was walk away…


12.2.07 21:29

Why am I lonely you're sitting right here
Why am I talking, it's like I'm talking to the air
What am I looking for that just isn't there
Why am I angry, how'd it get so bad
And why am I missing what we never really had

Why don't you love me the way I love you
Why don't you feel things as deep as I do
I need to feel you need me like a river needs an ocean
why don't you love me

Who am I kidding it wasn't meant to be
But you wanted a believer and I needed to believe
For every wall you built around you I learned a brand new way to climb
And if I could've been your angel I would've found a way to fly

I don't understand you what's it take to make you cry
And if leaving you don't break you then baby what's it matter why
Why don't you love me the way I love you
12.2.07 22:06

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